I offer a complete range of real estate services to meet all your needs. Whether you're looking to sell, buy, or rent a property, I'm here to assist you at every step of the process.

Sale of residential and commercial properties

  • Marketing and transaction of residential and commercial real estate properties.
  • Understanding clients’ needs and accurately assessing properties.
  • Setting competitive prices and organizing effective marketing of properties.
  • Negotiating sale terms with potential buyers.
  • Guiding clients through each step of the selling process and maximizing property value.

Property search and purchase

  • Property search based on client criteria and needs.
  • Thorough evaluation of properties based on location, condition, and value.
  • Accompaniment during visits to selected properties.
  • Negotiation of purchase conditions with sellers or their representatives.
  • Assistance with administrative and legal procedures related to the purchase, including contract management and financial transactions.
  • Coordination of inspections and evaluations necessary to ensure property quality and compliance.
  • Providing professional advice throughout the purchasing process, helping clients make informed decisions.
  • Follow-up after the purchase to ensure client satisfaction and address any potential issues.

Property rental

  • Identifying the client’s rental needs (size, location, budget).
  • Researching and preselecting real estate properties that meet the client’s specific criteria.
  • Organizing visits to selected properties and accompanying the client during visits.
  • Negotiating lease terms, including rent, lease duration, and conditions.
  • Assisting with administrative formalities related to the rental process and following up after move-in to ensure tenant satisfaction.

Accurate estimation of property values

  • Thorough analysis of the property’s characteristics, including its size, location, condition, amenities, and special features.
  • Comparative market study to assess recent selling prices of similar properties in the area.
  • Utilization of recognized valuation methods, such as the sales comparison approach, the cost approach, and the income approach.
  • Consideration of local real estate market trends and economic factors that may influence the property’s value.
  • Consultation with industry experts, such as certified real estate appraisers, local real estate agents, and finance professionals, to obtain additional insights and perspectives.
  • Provision of an accurate property value estimate based on thorough analysis and expertise in the real estate market.

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